19.12.2018 Software

New FW 2.25 for IP Intercoms, SIP Audio and Access Control Units

New FW version 2.25 offers several new functions for IP intercoms, SIP Audio products and access control units.  We have chosen the most interesting ones for you below.

Automatic e-mail sent if an unexpected event occurs
If SIP registration fails, the device spontaneously restarts or a security switch is activated, the IP intercom or access control unit can send the administrator an informative e-mail about the given event. If the security switch is activated, the e-mail also includes a sequence of images.

Support for virtual ONVIF outputs
We have prepared a new event called OnvifVirtualOutputChange in the Automation section, which you can use when connecting an IP intercom or SIP audio device with a video-monitoring system, for example. If the camera senses any movement in the prohibited area, the VMS system sends an ONVIF command to the given virtual output of the 2N® SIP Speaker Horn unit, which plays a warning message and discourages the potential offender from carrying through his actions.

Cancellation of licence for the G.729 codec
The G.729 codec is now available in all 2N audio devices without the need for a licence! The system administrator can now use this codec without any additional fees, the greatest advantage of which is saving on bandwidth for audio communication between 2N IP intercoms and third-party audio systems.

Alphanumeric dialling from the display
It is common in some countries for individual buildings in a complex of apartment buildings to be identified with letters and the individual flats to be subsequently identified with numbers. This is why we now offer the option of alphanumeric dialling of specific flats from the touch display module for the 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso, where the visitor can select the building and subsequently the number of the flat (e.g. A105, C421, etc.).

In order to ensure the correct functioning of IP intercoms and access control units with 2N® Access Commander software, the new version 1.11.1 must be installed.

A complete list of new functionalities, improvements and repairs, including the actual file can be found in release notes in the Firmware section.

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