Procurement Director
Josef Bešta
my name is Josef Bešta and I work as COO at 2N. One of the fields I oversee is Procurement and Logistics. We’re always growing and developing here at 2N, which means we face new challenges and demands every day. Our ambition is to be market leaders in the intercom field, and the quick development of the market, as well as a rapidly changing world around us means this is no easy feat.
Our growth as a company in these uncertain times wouldn’t be possible without new people - so if you want to start developing direct and indirect purchases, as well as help move 2N purchases to the next stage of growth, do not hesitate to contact me and make an appointment. I am looking forward to an inspirational meeting!

What will you do in our company?

  • Develop and reshape 2N purchasing, both strategic and operational
  • Together with COO, redefine a purchasing strategy that will constantly and sustainably support the company’s growth and achieve its long-term goals
  • Lead a purchasing team that will grow - you will also have the opportunity to choose additional support
  • Shape purchasing strategies, both direct and indirect purchasing, over both short and long term periods
  • Run the purchasing department, recruitment, and contract negotiations. Our goal is to have a professionally managed purchase leading to contractually secured and predictable deliveries, whilst simultaneously keeping time saving a priority as well as optimizing purchasing habits
  • Monitor the development of the global market, the situation of components, and the status of subcontractors to ensure the smoothest possible supply flow
  • Troubleshoot various scenarios and prepare procedures on how best to react to unpredictable events, to ensure the continuation of production & delivery within the contracted terms. This will allow the company to more effectively overcome situations such as COVID, or the effects of the war in Ukraine
  • Cooperate with other departments – RnD, Production, Product Management, Sales, Customer Experience, Quality and Finance – projecting the knowledge back into the procurement agenda and signing into the relationship with suppliers
  • As a member of the AXIS Group, cooperate with colleagues from the purchasing department in Sweden and look for possible opportunities for cooperation and synergies in consolidating the position of 2N and Axis in the market (not only) of components

What do you need to work at the position?

  • 5 years of experience of overseeing the purchasing department at a large company
  • Knowledge of the environment of the manufacturing company (electronic) and at least a basic knowledge and understanding of technical documentation
  • Experience in cooperation with EMS and have honed the craft of ensuring timely and reliable supply chains
  • Provable success in finding savings where you can, and optimizing shopping habits
  • You are a strong, dynamic, and energetic personality that doesn’t need hand-holding, but is also a team player that we can rely on
  • You’ve previously built and led a successful Procurement team and your colleagues appreciated your leadership. You have an interest in people you lead and their development
  • You are a respected negotiator with excellent analytical skills and insight into both the bigger picture, and necessary details
  • Without any problems you can use digital technologies and manage your team and suppliers – even in the online environment
  • Your communication and presentation skills are at an excellent level, both in Czech and English
Are you interested in the role of
Procurement Director?
Petr Zajíček
Head of Recruitment and Employer Branding
+420 225 271 789
Are you interested in the role of Procurement Director?
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Why will you enjoy working at 2N?

Prosperous and stable company

Flexible working arrangements

Work with leading-edge technologies

Great team and open communication

Renumeration beased on individual and team performance

You will deal with the tasks your way

Work-life balance

Facilities for sportsmen


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