08.02.2021 Products

2N® IP Handset – a New Entry-Level Answering Unit

Expand your portfolio of answering units to include a bare-bones device. The 2N® IP Handset is a conventional handset that won’t impress anyone with its design, but which can reliably handle the main function of an answering unit.

Do you have a project where you need an audio answering unit? Sometimes your customers insist on a handset. They’re simply not swayed by the fact the 2N® Indoor Talk is made of first-class materials and offers more options. It’s precisely for customers like this that you now have the 2N® IP Handset. You’ll lose out on one of the greatest benefits of 2N products – configuration and administration via My2N cloud. But the customer will be happy.

How does the 2N® IP Handset work?

The resident picks up the handset, finds out who’s at the door and lets them in. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t add that little bit extra. Do you want to let somebody into the building with a regular IP handset? You usually have to tap in a numerical code and confirm it by pressing star. We didn’t like that option and you’ll find a special button to open the door on the 2N® IP Handset. Residents will also appreciate the button offering a direct connection to the receptionist in apartment blocks with reception.

Connect a UTP cable to the answering unit and screw it to the wall. But you can just as easily leave the handset on a table and your drill in its case.

Choose from a black or white version

Or why not stock up on both colours of the 2N® IP Handset.

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