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2N® SIP Audio Converter Is Coming to an End, but There Is Alternative

Do you need to convert SIP audio to an analogue signal? Read about what you should propose for your project starting from 18 December.

You have connected an analogue speaker to the 2N® SIP Audio Converter and turned it into a network speaker. You also had the option to connect the entire PA exchange into a single convertor. Your customers broadcasted live and pre-recorded messages over any distance. All they had to do was connect a microphone and the convertor also functioned as a simple intercom.

Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to offer the 2N® SIP Audio Converter for your projects. We will be discontinuing sales of the unit on 18 December 2020. But we won’t be leaving you to Google similar products. We have three alternative solutions for you.

2N® IP Audio Kit

2N® SIP Audio Converte

You can especially use the 2N® IP Audio Kit for the intercom function. At the end of the day, that is its main purpose. You connect a microphone to it, a speaker, up to 16 buttons, and you can make calls to and from it.

2N® SIP Speaker and 2N® SIP Speaker Horn

Installing SIP speakers to begin with and not using convertors is an elegant solution. Select a conventional speaker or the outdoor 2N® SIP Speaker Horn, which can produce a deafening 124 dB.

AXIS C8210

This AXIS device offers a fully-fledged replacement. It transforms any passive speaker into a network speaker. The AXIS C8210 is an ideal solution for playing music in the background and for broadcasting live or planned notifications.

Basic technical specifications at a glance

2N® SIP Audio Converter
2N® IP Audio Kit AXIS C8210
Output power for speaker up to 18 W 10 W 15 W
Audio codecs G.711, G.722, G.726 G.711 G.711, G.726, AAC
Input for microphone 3.5 mm jack terminal board 3.5 mm jack

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