31.08.2020 Products

A premium unit for designer projects. The 2N® Indoor View is here!

The fine lines and uncluttered, sophisticated design of your residential project will be beautifully complemented by this modern answering unit. They are, after all, just the same – elegant, innovative, secure and reliable.

Conspicuously unobtrusive

This seemingly simple design with no unsightly buttons will not distract from your carefully designed interior. The glass surface in combination with piano black is simply magnificent. A discreet snow-white version is also available.

Technology for life

Do your customers enjoy watching video on a large screen in fine HD resolution with high-end audio free of background noise? Afford them the same luxury in their entrance hall or kitchen. Amaze them with a large touchscreen display which offers user-friendly controls and instant response. Displaying the weather forecast is the icing on the cake!

Complete security

With this answering unit, your customers can enjoy complete peace of mind at home by clearly seeing and hearing who is at their front door. Thanks to our in-house operating system 2N OS, customers can also be sure that no one is listening in on their video calls.