20.04.2020 Software

An End to Running for the Lift and Foreign Language Lessons, Too

With the new FW 2.29, you no longer need to force your customers into involuntary situations. Update your firmware!

With improved data compression, you can get user sounds in seven major languages. Announcements such as “The doors are open, please enter” are also available in French, Spanish, Italian, or German. We have preloaded these directly into the firmware without increasing the file size in any way.

You already know that you can use a 2N IP access control system in a lift. Up to now, the button panel in the lift was only unlocked for a specific time. This can put customers in a risky situation if the lift is on the other side of a huge lobby. What are their options? Tighten their laces and start running? Don’t rush your precious clients, give them the luxury of time! All you have to do is install the new firmware 2.29, which lets you preset the length of time the panel stays unlocked.

At 2N, we focus on the cybersecurity of your installations. Protection of your network against cyber-attacks is for us as important as protecting the property from intruders. For this reason, we have decided to no longer support integration with some Chinese answering units. You can find a list of all recommended partners on 2N Integration HUB.

You can also record video from the intercom thanks to integration with AngelCam. Another new feature is exporting all recorded incident logs from the 2N IP intercom to a .csv file. In the preview, you only see a limited number of records, even though the intercom saves up to 10,000 records in memory. Finding out who forgot to lock up the office and switch the alarm on before going home last week will no longer be a problem!

Upgrade your 2N intercoms to firmware 2.29

Teach your devices to report in your mother tongue and adjust your access control system in the lift.

Download FW 2.29