18.02.2021 Solutions

Discerning Residents Demand Simple Solutions

And together with a system by Carson, we can supply just that. See how another one of our joint projects in Manhattan went.

The discerning residents of a new apartment building named The Orchard, located at a prestigious address in Lower Manhattan, enjoy luxury housing with a unique view. Our solution also gives them a sense of complete security. In the centre of New York, this feeling is priceless. Equally uncompromisingly, however, they require simple control of the access control system and a flawless reception service.Street in city

Complemented by our products, Carson’s intelligent home automation system has done the seemingly impossible. A simple solution satisfied the strict requirements of residents, who can control the entire system using a single mobile application. All they have to do is hold their phone with the application near the access reader. This unlocks the entrance door and calls the lift, which takes the resident straight to their flat.

The 2N® IP Verso entrance intercom has a built-in wide-angle camera and touchscreen display. It is can even transmit a video call from the busy street in HD quality directly to one of the elegant large displays in the resident’s flat. And if a courier rings the bell at the entrance, a single button connects them to the remote receptionist, who lets them directly into the parcel room. The resident then automatically receives a message in their application that a parcel is waiting for them.

Do you have an application for residents which cannot receive calls from intercoms?

Integration with applications is surprisingly easy and we are ready for it. Take a look at the project details and write to us.

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