09.10.2020 Solutions

Don’t Wait for Your Old Door Communication System to Collapse Completely

Start replacing the unreliable door communication system while it still works. The facility manager of an apartment block in Boston waited too long.

More and more complaints started coming in from tenants. Major defects soon took over minor ones and repair costs grew. When the old door panels stopped working completely, it almost cost the facility manager his job.

But he was given the chance to remedy the situation. Together with our integrator, he selected a modern 2N® IP Verso intercom with touchscreen and RFID reader. The appearance of the unit played an important role. Luckily, our intercom looks great in any apartment block, including this one. The facility manager was delighted with the easy installation and administration. He is able to grant access to new tenants or the cleaner in just three minutes.

They also integrated the 2N intercom with Axis Communication and equipped the building with security cameras.

Tenants now enjoy a higher level of security and love the new system. And the facility manager? He was praised for his work.

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