30.09.2020 Solutions

First Installation of a 2N® Indoor View Answering Unit

The owner of a renovated villa in Munich wanted a complete innovation. Our German partner gave him a product that has only been on the market for just under a month. How did our partner integrate our newest answering unit into the project?

Extensive renovation transformed an ordinary house into a luxury villa. Our German integrator was subsequently invited to take part in the project, which transformed the luxury villa into a smart villa. The renovation work included transforming the access system. Our complete access solution helped create exactly what the owners wanted and had dreamt of: a feeling of absolute safety in their smart home. The product also coordinated beautifully with designer accessories throughout the household.

The best is hidden inside. In this project, it was in the bedroom and living room. The meticulously designed interior is perfectly complemented by a premium answering unit – the new 2N® Indoor View answering unit, with a large display and convenient controls. The owner of the house fell in love with the simple elegance of the products and video-calls with HD video and sound. Would you like a 2N® Indoor Compact in your fitness centre or pool room? No problem. Owners can communicate with visitors from anywhere inside their homes or even from anywhere in the world, thanks to the mobile 2N® Mobile Video application.

A smart home deserves problem-free, keyless access. A mobile telephone with our 2N® Mobile Key application installed is capable of assuring this. The Bluetooth module provides communication between the mobile phone and the 2N® IP Verso intercom. Owners can unlock doors even if their phone is in their pocket, and a practically invisible camera inside the intercom looks after security at the entrance to the complex.

Be inspired to transform the house into a villa of the future!

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