29.10.2020 Solutions

How to Go About Smart Housing in Apartment Buildings?

People today want smart housing, and developers know that. You too can increase the value of your projects by installing a smart home system throughout the apartment building. This means that smart housing already starts outside the door.

The investor of a luxury residential building on Belgická in the very heart of Prague selected a home automation solution by Loxone. This was complemented by our modern access control system. The system allows simple and problem-free integration with precisely this solution.

The entrance is monitored with a 2N® IP Verso unit, which has a touchscreen and RFID card and Bluetooth reader. Residents can use either an RFID card or their mobile phone to gain access. The 2N® Indoor Compact designer answering units in each flat offer HD video calls and audio and switching between cameras in the communal areas of the building. It is very easy. Simply smart.

Our integrator set up a great system for parcel deliveries. The building has a special room only for delivery workers. If the resident is not home, the intercom calls their mobile phone. If it is a delivery worker who calls, residents can let them into the delivery room and pick up the parcel on their way home.

A finely tuned solution made up of products from one supplier also makes any need to expand easier. Your administrator, however, will be delighted by remote configuration and control of the whole IP system.

We can let a breath of fresh smart housing air into your project too

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