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Induction Loop added to 2N Clip indoor station

Put the power of IP indoor stations in all homes – including those of the hearing impaired

Indoor StationsThe 2N Clip is now available with an integrated induction loop!

This allows integrators to offer enhanced accessibility to projects and cater to the growing demand to comply with regulations that mandate such accessibility features.

The induction loop built in the 2N Clip transmits audio signals directly from the indoor station to the hearing aids of residents, thereby ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication for everyone. This enhancement does not compromise any of the existing features of the 2N Clip: it maintains its quality and ease of use!

2N Clip with inbuilt Induction Loop
Order number: 9138512

The benefits of induction loops

Induction loops offer several benefits, especially for those with hearing impairments or who use hearing aids or cochlear implants.

By directly transmitting audio signals, these loops improve communication clarity and minimizes background noise interference. This feature enhances accessibility, inclusivity, and user experience, aligning with regulatory requirements and demonstrating our commitment to providing accessible solutions.

The inclusion of induction loops directly into the indoor station eliminates the need for external loop systems or additional equipment, simplifying installation and reducing costs for building owners and operators. This not only ensures compliance with regulations (e.g. IEC 60118-4) but also enhances the overall user experience for everyone interacting with the apartment intercom system.

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What other products in our range have induction loops?

Selected IP intercoms, including:

2N IP Verso (Models LTE, 2.0, 1.0)

Flexible and powerful – a completely modular intercom that you can assemble according to the needs of your project. Modules include PIN, RFID, fingerprint and mobile credential access control modules or even induction loop module. The second generation (2N IP Verso 2.0) also includes a Full HD camera and QR code reading!

2N IP Force

Our most durable IP intercom: perfect for garages and other high-impact areas. It offers visitor communication monitoring and superior features for maximum site security. And you can extend it with an inbuilt induction loop accessory.

Other IP intercoms and indoor stations

All our other IP intercoms (e.g. 2N IP Style, 2N IP Safety, 2N IP Solo) and selected answering units (2N Indoor View, 2N Indoor Compact, 2N Indoor Talk) can be equipped with the 2N Induction Loop, an external device that makes these products more accessible.

Use these products in combination with the 2N Clip to build a 2N IP door entry system that ensures accessibility is a reality across a wide range of use cases, including apartment buildings, office complexes, and public facilities.

More about the 2N Clip

The 2N Clip is a 4-inch video IP indoor station designed to meet the rising demand for more affordable housing. It combines affordability with reliability and modern features: making it an excellent choice for mid-range residential projects.

Key features include:

  • IP Video: Forget blurry videos from outdated analogue units. The 2N Clip provides high-quality IP video, enhancing security and meeting modern living standards
  • Seamless part of 2N ecosystem: It runs on the powerful, reliable 2N OS, making it compatible with all other 2N products
  • Remote management: It can be remotely managed via the My2N Management Platform
  • Easy Installation: Drill in two screws and 'clip' the 2N Clip to the wall – one of the fastest indoor station installations on the market!
  • Doorbell Button Support: Connect the doorbell button directly to the 2N Clip and eliminate the need for additional electronics

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