11.01.2021 Compatibility

Integrate 2N IP Intercoms in a VMS by Network Optix

It won’t take you longer than 4 minutes. You can significantly increase building security and also save on costs. Read on to find out how.

You should integrate IP intercoms in a VMS in every installation where you have one. By doing so, you noticeably increase the level of security with a minimum of effort. The intercom camera becomes part of the VMS. The security worker then sees a live feed on the monitor from both conventional cameras and the intercom camera. They can even record video footage.

Quick tip 1: Thieves often hide their faces from ceiling-mounted cameras by bowing their heads or wearing a baseball cap. That doesn’t work if an intercom with camera is installed.

Nx Witness VMS by Network Optix

However, a modern VMS can do a lot more than just play a live feed. The Nx Witness VMS by Network Optix is most certainly a modern type. What else can it do?

  • Receive notifications sent by intercoms.
  • Bookmark events, including those related to intercoms. Events are then easy to trace.
  • Listen in to what is happening near the intercom at any time.
  • Open doors.

We highly recommend Network Optix. It is fast, easy to use and compatible with hundreds of camera manufacturers.

Quick tip 2: Saving on costs. You definitely need an intercom with a camera and conventional cameras at certain locations in a building. But not everywhere. Sometimes all you need is an intercom which covers the blind spots not sufficiently monitored by ceiling-mounted cameras.

Try the Nx Witness VMS and 2N in your next project!

You’ll find detailed description of integration on our Integration HUB. A description of how to set up a VMS is in the manual.

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