24.07.2020 Compatibility

Integration Summer in France and BeNeLux: Meet Our Technology Partners

As we often like to emphasise, one of the greatest advantages of our products is their wide range of options for integration with third-party solutions. Find out which partners you can join forces within France and Benelux.

Residential projects

A strong partner for us in the field of home automation in France and Benelux is American Crestron. The key to the successful connection of our systems lies in the RAVA SIP protocol. Thanks to this, users can easily accept a call from a 2N® IP Verso or 2N® IP Solo intercom on an indoor answering unit, from which they can open the door for their visitor remotely. They can also easily set the lights to come on automatically when a visitor presses a button on the intercom.

Other partners in the field of luxury residential projects are Belgian Teletask, Dovit from Luxembourg and French Jeedom.

Office projects

Are you more involved in projects for office buildings? It’s quite likely that your customers will want a smart solution for the effective management of communication, be this within or even outside the company. Part and parcel of this is the ability to connect, record and accept calls from intercoms, whether you choose the 2N® IP Verso, the 2N® IP Base or the 2N® IP Force for the project. All this is ensured by providers of IP PBX telephone exchanges. Thanks to the reliability of both systems and support of a standard SIP protocol, our clients can use solutions from 3CX, Wildix or Avaya.

In recent months, the Microsoft Teams platform has proven its worth to many companies. This platform enables better work efficiency and communication by employees while working from home. Many clients got so used to it that they requested the option of managing visitors and calls from the intercom directly from Microsoft Teams even after returning to the office. Our long search for a suitable partner finally bore fruit in the form of successful integration with HelloDoor.

Did you know that thanks to the IP structure, you can call up to 16 different numbers? You will particularly appreciate this in smaller projects where calling Microsoft Teams from an intercom is not necessary. You can use standard telephones, tried and tested by us, such as telephones by Cisco, Yealink, Polycom and other manufacturers, or even various softphones.

Industrial projects

Apart from residential and commercial projects, 2N products have also been contributing towards a higher level of security on industrial premises, at warehouses, in government buildings and also in smart city projects for a long time now. In projects like this, we’ve seen the greatest demand for 2N® IP Force, 2N® IP Safety and 2N® IP Verso intercoms.

In the field of VMS, our main partner is Genetec. Apart from streaming video to Omnicast and routing calls via a Sipelia IP exchange, you are bound to find the integration of intercoms and access control units with the Synergis system of interest. And why might that be you ask? Thanks to the RIO protocol, 2N readers can communicate directly with Cloud Link. This saves you costs, because no other equipment is required. Synergis is thus used as the central software for access control. Apart from managing users, it collects information about card holders from access units.

Our other partners in the field of VMS are Network Optix, Digifort and Camtrace.

Did you know that you can also integrate 2N intercoms with AppVision™ PSIM software from the French company PRYSM? With this solution, you can make the work of security managers much easier. By connecting various security devices and systems into a single interface, they get a quick overview of what’s going on throughout the entire premises.

We also frequently collaborate with our mother company Axis Communications on similar types of projects. Axis IP cameras offer a different viewing angle of outside areas, whether they are installed by the entrance to the building or next to an emergency communicator. Together with the image from the camera built into the intercom, they allow users to see absolutely everything that’s going on.

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