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Introducing My2N: the New App Replacing 2N® Mobile Video

What new features does My2N offer? What does this change mean for existing users, and are you familiar with all the options when making a call from an IP intercom to a mobile phone? Get everything you need to know!

What’s different about My2N?My2N app

The most noticeable change from 2N® Mobile Video is, of course, the updated, modern appearance. Users can easily navigate the perfectly tuned user interface - which we developed following both extensive testing on hundreds of users and feedback on 2N® Mobile Video.

Regarding the functions, the most important new feature of the My2N app is landscape mode with full-screen video chat on users’ phones or tablets. But we won’t stop there! In the future, you can look forward to new features that will make accessing buildings as seamless as possible. We’ve also improved the way users log into the app.

Do you have a suggestion for us? Let us know in the app in the feedback section in the settings.

2N® Mobile Video to the My2N app: a smooth transition

How will the change affect current users?

Only slightly: the change is part of a standard update to the existing app. Current users will simply wake up one day and the 2N® Mobile Video app will have transformed into My2N, which will continue to function as before. For some users, the method of logging into the application is also changing. The new method is identical to any regular app, i.e., creating an account (email and user-generated password)

When will the app be updated?

It's happening right now; the My2N app is already available on both the App Store and Google Play. The update of 2N® Mobile Video to My2N on users' mobile phones and tablets takes place in several waves and is also subject to enabling automatic updates on devices. Some users may have the My2N app now, and others will get it in a few days.

Why do some users have to enter their email and create a password?

The method of logging into the 2N® Mobile Video application didn’t meet current standards. With the new app, we are switching to the standard way of logging into mobile apps using email and a user password. This also makes it much easier for end users to remember their login details.

So, what's changing for integrators and property managers?

Nothing major. The process of ordering the services and ordering numbers remains the same. Management via the My2N Management Platform also remains unchanged. As we wrote above, the method of logging into the application is changing for some users. You can find out exactly whom this change affects and much more on the FAQ page for integrators, property managers, and anyone who manages IP intercom to mobile phones/tablet calls.

>> Admin FAQs

Customers with questions about the transition from 2N® Mobile Video to My2N?

For end users, we’ve created a PDF document with FAQs for end users. We've even translated it into several languages so you can forward it to your customers right away!

The best IP intercom-to-mobile calling powered by 2N

Premium solutions for residential projects

Build a complete solution: start with first-class video intercoms such as the 2N® IP Style and 2N® IP Verso at entrances, indoor stations like the 2N® Indoor View in resident’s apartments, and finish with access control readers such as 2N Access Unit 2.0 to secure common areas. In addition to all this, add fast, reliable and secure mobile phone access control. Sounds ideal, right?

Pretty much – the only thing missing is giving your residents maximum comfort and enhanced security. How? By giving them the option to be able to answer their doors remotely and know about every visitor to their homes – no matter where they are in the world! Offering the option to make calls from an IP intercom to a mobile phone should be part of every residential project.

Calls to mobile phones: great for commercial projects, too

Set up IP intercom calls to the receptionist's mobile phone. This way, they will be able to receive calls from the IP intercom even if they’re in the kitchen getting a coffee or busy elsewhere. During out-of-work hours, the security guard can take care of the calls from the IP intercom on their mobile phone.

Use mobile phones as indoor stations in retrofit projects

The My2N app on residents' mobile phones can become the sole indoor station in a project: very popular in retrofit projects where suitable cabling is not available. No internet connection at the front door? The 2N® LTE Verso 4G intercom, which uses a standard data SIM card to make calls, is all you need.

24/7 video surveillance

Residents can use My2N to check what's happening outside their homes at any time and from any location. Never again will they need to be anxious on holiday about home security - with a few taps on the app, they can check up on it right from the beach.

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