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New 2N Access Commander Box 2.0 pushes the limits of access control management

Literally. The new 2N Access Commander Box 2.0 connects up to 7,000 devices and up to 200,000 users. Use it to manage large-scale access control systems efficiently

Access commander boxThe 2N Access Commander Box is a minicomputer that comes pre-installed with our access control software. You don’t need to have stand-alone host hardware or access to an existing server to install it: simply plug it into your network and start managing!

A new product generation

Now, we’re introducing the next generation of it - the 2N Access Commander Box 2.0.  It’s more powerful which means it will better meet the current (and, more importantly, future) demands of access control software. Compared to the original version, how is the new generation better?

  • Increased processor performance (3.4 GHz versus 2.4 GHz)
  • Double the memory (16 GB versus 8 GB)
  • Fanless design that ensures quiet operation

This dramatic increase in performance also means pushing the limits of the original version. You can connect up to 7,000 devices and 200,000 users to the new 2N Access Commander Box 2.0 (compared to the previous 2,000 and 100,000). For the full technical specifications, please refer to the product page.

Product information

There are three new versions of the product. They differ only in the power lead.

  • 2N Access Commander Box 2.0 (European power lead), Order No: 1120120E
  • 2N Access Commander Box 2.0 (UK power lead), Order No: 1120120GB
  • 2N Access Commander Box 2.0 (US power lead), Order No: 03129-001 

Discontinuation of production and sales of the first-generation

With the launch of the new generation, we are also discontinuing production and sales of the first generation of the 2N Access Commander Box (91379030). 

Want more performance?

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What is the 2N Access Commander?

2N Access Commander is an access control management software designed to manage access control systems in office buildings. You can download the software as a virtual device (Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMware) or get it pre-installed on a mini PC 2N Access Commander Box 2.0.

What does the 2N Access Commander software do? 

You divide users into groups, the building into different areas, and then set which group has access to which area. You can manage all access devices (video intercoms and access readers) from one centralized location, which makes the administrator's work more efficient - for example, by being able to update the firmware in bulk.

Access to log monitoring and smart notifications can also be useful, allowing you to react quickly to different incidents. You'll also be interested in the advanced visitor management option and the ability to manage access for multiple companies within a single interface when needed.

However, the best thing about 2N Access Commander software is that you can set up several different administrators with different rights. This enables you to put day-to-day administration tasks (such as managing visitors, creating new users or changing access privileges) directly into the hands of your end users.

What's new with the latest updates to the 2N Access Commander software?

Two-factor authentication: The latest update introduced improvements to security. After all, if multiple users are using the same platform, it is always a good idea to provide an additional level of security. 

New user interface: In version 3.0 we’ve used a colour scheme more in line with our fresh and modern company branding. But of course, it's not just about changing the colour - the entire design is cleaner and the interface is more user-friendly. 

Bulk permission allocation: Do you have a project with several thousand users? Even if you don't, assigning a PIN, QR code, or mobile access to more than one user at a time will come in handy. 

Easier integration with APIv3: In version 2.0, we've added APIv3 support to the 2N Access Commander software, allowing you to execute more tasks with fewer API calls. So, we increased the efficiency of integration with third-party platforms! 

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