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Place Your Bets on an Open Solution in Your Next Residential Project

We have been operating on the residential market for quite some time now. We challenged ourselves that we would put together all the things which could help you make decisions in your next project. Take a look at our special residential page.

What can you find on this page? Mainly typical residential projects implemented by our customers and descriptions of how we handle these cases.Notebook, hands on keypad

Apartment buildings

In projects like these, customers want convenience and security. We cover these requirements with a reliable access control system. At the front door, install an intercom which secures the main entrance and easily integrates with a VMS. Then put designer answering units in the apartments. How do residents check authentication at the door? By using the most convenient and securest method – with their mobile phone. And how does this benefit the facility manager? Free remote administration via the secure My2N cloud.

Retrofit projects

In these types of project, it all depends whether you prefer a wireless solution or whether you want to use the existing analogue cabling. The more modern and cheaper alternative is wireless. Install a 2N® LTE Verso 4G intercom at the entrance door and connect it to the network using any SIM card you like. Connect the answering units to the internet via routers in the flats. Calls from the intercom to the flats are then transmitted via the My2N cloud. Customers can also take advantage of the benefits of 2N products if the old cabling is used. Simply add a converter to the installation.

Package delivery

A increasingly recurring request these days and one you should be ready for is parcel delivery. The 2N solution consists of intercoms at the main entrance doors and parcel room and the 2N® Mobile Video service. Residents themselves communicate with the delivery driver, let them in and observe them on camera. All from their mobile phone.

We will gradually be adding the customer requests we have addressed in residential projects to the new page. In doing so, we aim to help you if you happen to be handling just such a case. Or you can simply find inspiration for future projects.  

The page also includes a list of benefits you can take advantage of when cooperating with us. It doesn’t matter if you are a systems integrator, project planner or facility manager. For some, this means saving time by using remote administration and streamlining administration through integration. Others may see the advantage of offering solutions which meet future demands. Regardless of your profile and specialisation, you are bound to appreciate the reliability of the products and support we provide before and after sales.

Be inspired by our solutions!

Take a look at why you should cooperate with us first on your next residential project.

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