12.10.2020 Special Offers

Save a Project You Are Working on in 2N Project Designer

We are happy that 2N Project Designer makes creating your projects easier. But have you found it lacks certain useful functions. Saving unfinished projects is one example. What is the save function good for?

You know how it is. It’s coming up to five o’clock. Just enough time for you to finish one last project in Project Designer and head off home. But a customer interrupts you with an urgent request. After a 15-minute call with the customer, you still have an unfinished project to complete. No problem. Save the link and finish it tomorrow.

You can even send a saved project to your customers or colleagues as a link. They can open it on their own computer and if there is anything they don’t like, they can change it themselves. This saves you time sending a document with a list of products.

And talking about a list of products, we have some other news for you too. You can now also download your project as an impressive offer in .pdf format. Including photos, order numbers and configured products. This will come in handy when presenting the solution you have designed to your customer. Do you need to send a project to your distributor as an order? You can still download it in .xls format, and finish it off the way you like before you send it.

We’ve also made some other changes to make your work with 2N Project Designer easier. We’ve made the tabs with accessories clearer. We’ve positioned product filters so that you can’t overlook them. And if you choose a product, we will recommend the necessary accessories to go with it.

Still not creating projects in 2N Project Designer?

Start now and you’ll never have to think about product compatibility or search for order numbers ever again.

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