04.12.2020 Compatibility

Shineforce, Pascom, ConsolOne. Do you work with any of these?

If you do, offer 2N products in your projects with these brands. We have tested their compatibility and prepared instructions for you how to configure integration.

Shineforce by Microforce

Shineforce by MicroforceWe concentrate on the development of our own answering units. But that doesn’t mean we don’t test the compatibility of our intercoms with indoor panels from other companies. We don’t want to limit you in your choice of individual products for a project. 

The last devices we tested were the Shineforce Plus and Shineforce Élite panels. Shineforce offers a system of home automation which includes everything you could possibly think of. It does, of course, include communication with visitors at a door and opening the door. 

Do you work on home automation projects? Try Shineforce and 2N IP intercoms. Take a look how easy integration is to configure. 

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Does your customer use a VoIP system by Pascom in the office? That is definitely a good choice. It combines communication and a contact centre into a single system. You can now connect 2N intercoms with the whole solution. 

How to integrate our intercoms with the Pascom solution? We describe everything for you in detail in the manual. 

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ConsolOne is a monitoring system. It manages and supervises any technology which may be installed in the building. Speakers, cameras, routers, blinds, access control units, intercoms and much more. All the devices are included in one system. You can now easily connect our intercoms and access readers too. You can see video from the intercom directly in ConsolOne and open doors with an intercom or access control unit right next to it. The system also collects access records from our products. 

Is your customer looking for a monitoring system and some great intercoms and readers? Now you know what to offer. We describe how to integrate them in the manual.

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Did you know that we are compatible with over 500 products offered by other brands? 

You can find them all in our interoperability manual. Try to find out whether we are also compatible with your favourite products.

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