16.10.2020 Solutions

Successful Installation: 2N Products Are Part of Smart City

Seven kindergartens, three schools, the city council building and a police centre in a single project. Ride the wave of city modernisation with our products!

The Bílina town council has decided that their town will be smart. As part of their Smart City project, they focused on improving security in 13 buildings. To do this, they selected our modern access control system, which, for example, can be easily integrated with attendance record keeping.

They took the safest route. Doors to buildings can be opened by adults and children using fingerprint scanning. In this unique project, we installed twenty-nine 2N® IP Verso intercoms with fingerprint readers and seven 2N® Access Unit Fingerprint Reader units.

Our main aim was to enhance security in schools and prevent unauthorised people from moving around in these areas freely,” said Mayor of Bílina, Zuzana Schwarz Bařtipánová.

Automated records for class registers

Technicians also integrated door intercoms with biometric readers in primary schools with Bakaláři, which is an online system for school administration. The system keeps pupil attendance records and enters them into electronic class registers.

Restricted access to individual rooms

Attendance records are also kept for the municipal police buildings and city council. In the municipal police building, even access to individual rooms is controlled. Connection with Advent software is an interesting feature. Access control data from the biometric reader at the entrance is automatically saved into the HR and payroll system. This is much more precise than employees signing in from their computers.

The floodgates have opened to smart city projects. Be ready for them!

Learn more about this installation and you can ready yourself to take on your own projects like this next time!

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