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The Wait Is Finally Over. The 2N® IP Style Has Arrived

No more drab greys, slow response times, jerky video or fiddly installation. The 2N® IP Style defines the future standards for video intercom.

Woman and intercomWe know we’re not the first to launch a full touchscreen intercom onto the market. We initially wanted to be the first to do that too, but we changed our minds. We weren’t going to launch a full touchscreen intercom just to have it in our portfolio. That’s not the way we do things. So, you waited and we now offer you the best intercom on the market, without any needless embellishments. What makes the 2N® IP Style the number one intercom?

A camera in collaboration with Axis

A top team of people from Axis helped us with processing video from the intercom’s camera. Operators of video management systems won’t be able to tell whether they’re watching footage from a conventional camera or the 2N® IP Style intercom. Offer customers flawless image quality, with bright colours even in fading light and thanks to WDR support, the intercom can even handle direct sunlight at the visitor’s back.

3in1 access control

A modern intercom must include access control. Show your customers an intercom with 3 modes of access control – RFID card, PIN code and unique mobile access using a smartphone. This combination, which is unusual on the market, will meet the needs of each and every user. The vast majority of users will love WaveKey technology – convenient access where the user can even leave their mobile phone in their pocket. Others will make do with an RFID card and conventional PIN code.

An amazing display

The 10" display can easily resist being scratched with a key or even being hit with a hammer. No need to shade the display with your hand. The display is easy to read even in direct sunlight. And what about the user interface? When using it, you’ll feel like you’re using a top-of-the-range smartphone. The response is that fast and the animations so good.

Have you found a parameter offered by the competition that beats ours? Yes, we know all about it. We don’t have the largest display and you’ll even find an intercom with more megapixels. But the 2N® IP Style is either the best, or one of the best in all parameters, so as a whole, it beats all the others hands down. Do you have your doubts?

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