27.04.2021 Solutions

WaveKey. Mobile Access You Can Rely On

Offer technology which will dominate the market. We dealt with all the problems associated with mobile access so far.

Intercom, mobile, handReliability

You can rely on WaveKey technology. Users were able to enter in almost 100% of cases during our six-month testing period. This was intensive testing – 15,000 door openings in the demanding environment of a real office building. We bet one of our two Ns on reliability – what about you?


How fast do you want the door to open? Faster than it takes to scan an RFID card? Faster than a snap of your fingers? For us, all this is still too slow. WaveKey can open a door in just 0.3 seconds. Will you be fast enough to process all your orders?


We have incorporated security in many ways. First, it was communication between the Bluetooth reader and a mobile phone. We have encrypted it so well that it is as secure as mobile banking. You don’t need to worry about the doors opening accidentally – the reader can tell whether the user is approaching or moving away. And users will be happier too since you don’t need to process their fingerprints or face scans. Can you feel that delightful feeling already – the feeling of being completely safe?

But those are far from the only 3 things which make WaveKey a completely unique product in the mobile access technology market.

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