22.10.2020 Solutions

We Are Digitalizing Manhattan Together with Carson

Residents of a luxury apartment building on Fifth Avenue were not satisfied with the services of their remote doorman. Our technology partner has come up with an elegant solution.

Living in the centre of Manhattan is not for everyone, and the satisfaction of demanding residents always comes first. Residents in the 40-unit building at the prestigious address of 105 Fifth Avenue were not happy. They were paying $2,000 a month for a remote doorman but still their guests were often left waiting on the street for it to open the door, with delivery personnel walking away after leaving a missed-delivery slip. Our integration partner, Carson, was brought in to fix the mess.

Carson started by replacing the traditional analogue intercom system with a modern IP system. They installed a new 2N® IP Verso intercom with a camera and a large touch screen at the main entrance and a 2N® IP Solo panel at the service entrance. The visitor presses a single button and is immediately connected with the Carson operator. The result is an efficient delivery system. The courier leaves the package in a locked package room, with an automatic delivery notification being sent to recipients on the Carson app.

Do you need to ensure high security for residents? Carson’s modern solution in Manhattan has taken it to a new level. Residents let their visitors into the building via the application, from any location. Regular visitors and cleaners receive a unique digital key, which eliminates unnecessary intercom calls. But the residents won’t be surprised. The application notifies them whenever a visitor enters the building. Therefore, residents don’t have to worry about someone betraying and exploiting the entry codes. In addition, the management can always track who is entering and when.

“This is an excellent example of how our integration with 2N intercoms makes use of the best hardware in access control, cameras and door communicators and provides residents with all of the services they need in one application,” says Guy Blachman, founder and CEO of Carson.

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