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What Does a Comprehensive Access Control Solution in an Office Look Like? Play the Video

In the starring role, you will see IP intercoms, premium access readers, solution for lifts and smart integration. Drop everything else and find some inspiration here!

Great video, isn’t it? Save the link, share it with your customers, post it on your social networks and wait for the new office projects to start pouring in. Can’t watch the video right now?  Then at least read about what you will see there and play it later.

Reliability and security from the garage to the meeting room

Our access control solution literally covers the entire office building. For example, install the toughest intercom on market, the 2N® IP Force, at the entrance to the car park. The intercom will only open the gate to authorised persons and is easily able to resist any possible attacks by vandals. The fully touch controlled and elegant 2N® IP Style adds a signature of uniqueness to each and every building. Below the 10″ display, you will find a Bluetooth reader for the fastest mobile access on the market and a premium processor by Axis. Visitors will be captivated by the intuitive controls and animated screen transitions. They won’t even suspect that their face is being scanned by the full HD camera while they are waiting at the door.

A modern office deserves state-of-the-art technology

Mobile access using Bluetooth technology, biometrics and RFID – our access control solution uses cutting-edge technology to ensure a maximum level of security combined with user friendliness. At the same time, it is fully modular, so your customers can choose the specific access control alternative which suits them best.

ip access control systems

Advantages of IP connectivity

One great advantage of our solution, whether it is one of our intercoms, indoor stations or smart readers, is IP connectivity. What does that mean for you and your customers? Save time and money and use modern functions. Installation is easy. Simply connect the device to the IP network, which is also used to supply it power. You can forget about extra cabling, interconnection of devices or selection of controllers.

Bulk administration and endless integration possibilities

Another advantage of our solution is mass administration of all 2N devices. You no longer have to send out a technician to change access rules for a building. You can easily make any required changes online in our 2N® Access Commander software. And the best is yet to come! You can easily integrate our solutions with third-party systems (for example, a camera system or building management solution).

Have we inspired you to try out the 2N solution in your project? Put all that spring energy to good use and get started!

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