07.05.2021 Software

Your Customers Will No Longer Miss Any Visitors

The new firmware 2.32 offers an improvement which allows the 2N® Mobile Video service to work even with poor internet connections.

With the 2N® Mobile Video service, customers can see their visitors, talk to them, and open the door for them, even if they happen to be on the other side of the world. But what if they are on holiday in the countryside where there is a poor internet connection? Under normal circumstances, either the visitor would not get through to them at all, or the connection would freeze during the call.hand, mobile

We now know how to adapt the quality of the video transmission to the quality of the mobile phone’s internet connection. If the signal is poor, the video stream is limited, and if the quality of the connection is extremely low, the video switches off completely. This means the customer can at least talk to their visitor and open the door for them, even though they may not be able to see them. If the signal improves, video transmission is automatically switched on. Everything is done dynamically, and the user doesn’t have to adjust any settings during the call.

You can activate this feature on the My2N platform. You will find it in the Device detail section, under 2N® Mobile Video. There, check off the Adaptive Video Quality box. By doing this, you enable the function. You don’t have to set anything else.

Let your customers know about this option. If you set the Adaptive Video Quality function for them, they will be even happier with the 2N® Mobile Video service.

Set Adaptive Video Quality in My2N