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IP Access Control

Secure every room reliably with an access control reader. Choose the best technology to meet the needs of each and every customer.
Controller and reader in one
Speed up installation time, as you only need 1 device for 1 door.
Place your trust in mobile access
Offer your customers the future of access control technology.
Combine technologies
Bluetooth, RFID, PIN and fingerprints. Choose one or combine them in a single reader.
Use an IP network
Save on cabling. Connect readers to the network that’s already been laid in new buildings.
Don’t underestimate cyber threats. Rely on products made in Europe.
Administer the system in bulk
You’ll save a lot of time and delegate routine activities directly to the customer.

Are you looking for a wider solution?

Access readers are just one of the elements that make up the whole solution. Install video intercoms at the main entrance and answering units in flats and at reception. Complement all this with premium My2N cloud services.

Still not sure what to do next?
You may be asking yourself one of the following questions. Read the answers.

We recommend mobile access. We believe this is the future of access control systems. After all, you can already pay in shops, manage money in your bank and order groceries using your phone. Using it for access is merely the next logical step.


But we also have units that can read RFID chips and fingerprints, as well as units for entering a PIN code. Do you have users in your project who want to use multiple technologies? Do you need two-factor authentication? We also offer units that combine 2 technologies in a single device.

Do you need audio/video communication at the door? Then opt for an intercom. Our customers install intercoms at the entrances to smart buildings, on the individual floors, at the door to flats and to larger units in office buildings. Access control technology is included in some of our intercoms, so you don’t need a separate intercom and reader at any one door.


Do you just need to secure the door against unauthorised access? Then all you need is an access reader. You would typically install a unit like this at the entrance to meeting rooms, server rooms or communal areas in apartment buildings (bike storage rooms, swimming pools or cellars).


In a typical scenario, you have both types of doors, so you’ll need intercoms and access readers. The advantage of our system is that you can administer everything in a single interface.

There are several reasons. A few of them are listed below. Our WaveKey technology is:


- Just as reliable as an RFID chip (without the need to distribute cards).

- Extremely fast – in most cases, only 0.3 of a second from the moment you touch the reader until the door opens.

- Safe in terms of storing highly sensitive data such as fingerprints and facial scans.

- Absolutely convenient, because the user can leave their phone in their pocket and still get in.

- More secure than an RFID chip access system. Unlike RFID, it is virtually impossible to overhear and misuse mobile access credentials.

The situation is not that different to leaving the RFID card or keys at home. And what is the user more likely to go back for? What do they notice is missing first? The most of the people feel their phone is indispensable these days and as such, they carry it with them almost all the time.

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