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Video Door Intercom System for Home

A stylish door intercom by 2N will always provide a proper welcome for your visitors. In addition to its modern design, created using extremely durable materials, you are sure to appreciate its unique functions. You will not only increase your home’s security, but afford your loved ones a feeling of safety.

  • See your visitors on screen thanks to the hidden HD camera
  • Excellent clarity, even in a noisy environment
  • Access control system integrated in intercom for home
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Video Door Intercom System for Home
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See and hear all your visitors in HD quality
All 2N IP intercoms offer two-way voice communication in HD quality. A HD camera with night vision is also an integral part of most intercoms. You can answer an incoming video call from the intercom using the 2N® Indoor View unit with a 7” touchscreen display or using your smartphone. Thanks to the My2N App, you can even answer a call when you are on holiday abroad.

Use advanced functions to ensure your safety
2N IP intercoms can be easily connected to your smart home intercom systems. If the intercom for house registers any movement or increased noise intensity during the night, it will automatically playback a special message to scare off troublemakers. If your door is opened by force or the house intercom is damaged, you will be e-mailed a sequence of images from the camera. An alarm will immediately be activated in the house and the security agency will be called.

Only one cable is needed for installation
The installation of 2N IP and LTE home intercoms systems and access control units is very simple. One PoE cable provides the power supply and network connection. You can then connect the door lock directly to the unit. In addition, these products can be configured remotely via the My2N portal using the free 2N® Remote Configuration cloud service.

Customer Success Stories
Luxurious Villa Protected by 2N
The newly redeveloped house required a modern access system that would secure the entrances while acting as a luxurious component of the building as a whole.

"We responded to the owner’s requests and selected an access solution from 2N. This was especially due to the reliability of their products, elegant design of corresponding units and ease of installation. The result is a welcoming and intuitive user environment that matches the luxurious design of the villa."
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