GDPR Privacy by Design

We develop our products with a clear goal. They should give your home a feeling of security and simplify access to your home by using modern technologies. This goal also guides our approach to product development, especially in making products that serve you reliably.

familyThe use of modern technologies and online purchasing carries with it the increased risk of your personal data being misused. However, you needn’t worry about our products spying on you. We respect your privacy, which is why we only use data that is essential to door communications and access. We equip each new firmware in our products with an additional level of security.

We only work with personal data where we have your consent to do so. This data is stored under the best possible conditions. You also needn’t worry about your personal data being passing on to others. 2N, and 2N alone, directly processes your personal data, and we can therefore guarantee its protection.

What requirements do our products meet to guarantee your trust?

ip intercom2N IP Intercoms

  • Video is only recorded when a visitor rings the doorbell or if this is automatically set.
  • If the intercom does not receive an instruction from you, it will not spy on you or monitor what you are doing. We do not share data about users with any third party or for marketing purposes.
  • Personal data saved directly in the product is hashed and thereby protected against unauthorised access.

2N Indoor Stations

  • Units only switch on the microphone when you want to talk to your visitor.
  • Communication with your visitor is not saved and cannot be misused.
  • Microphones are not active in stand-by mode.

door access control system2N Access Control Readers

  • Units do not scan mobile devices.
  • Units do not process any data saved in other applications on the mobile device.
  • Data on access to the building is not used for marketing purposes.

2N Cloud and Software Services

  • Sensitive personal data is saved and encrypted in secure, backed-up data repositories.
  • We understand the importance of personal data protection and appreciate the confidence our customers place in us. This is why we are constantly improving the protection of our data repositories.
  • We comply with all the rules established in the GDPR.

Fingerprint Technology

access control readerWith the advent of new technology, biometric readers are starting to be used in mobile phones and cars – as well as in access control for buildings. Our fingerprint readers are among the most reliable on the market. We are continuing to improve the technology behind the fingerprint reader. Our database is secure, but we are also constantly working to further improve the archiving and handling of personal data.

We should first explain how the fingerprint reader works. It uses points of interest on a fingerprint, from tiny details to major features. These features are filtered and saved as an encrypted biometric key or mathematical representation. No image of any fingerprint is saved at any time. The fingerprint reader module uses only a series of numbers in the form of a binary code. This type of algorithm cannot be reconverted into an image of a fingerprint. No other type of personal data is used or processed when the product is in use.

Anti-Spoof/Fake Detection Capability

The fingerprint modules and scanners include patent-pending anti-spoof technology. This is effective in blocking attempts to fool the system using fake fingerprints made from paper, latex, silicone, rubber, or gelatine. Green Label equipment will be used in many industries, including banking, education, and government programmes. Accuracy and security are extremely important in these applications. For these reasons, the sensor was selected for both its ability to block attempts to fool the system and its very high-quality imaging.