22.04.2021 Compatibility

2N On Air: With Our Partners Shoulder to Shoulder

Milestone, Inner Range, Axis Communications, Cisco and 2N together on one stage. At the end of May, you will find out what a 360° approach to security in the office means. Sign up!

What are we preparing for you?

The main topic of this year’s second 2N On Air will be integration scenarios typical in an office environment. Therefore, we have invited some leading technology companies to show you security solutions ranging from underground garages all the way up to the roof. As a bonus, we will be introducing you to our latest intercom, the 2N® IP Style.Logo 2N On Air, brands of companies

Together with Milestone, we will show you how to comply with safety measures and apply the maximum number of people permitted in the office at any one time. All you have to do is integrate the 2N access control system with Milestone XProtect. With Axis, we will teach you how to connect 2N IP intercoms to Axis Camera Station. Did you also know that you can use Axis cameras in combination with 2N intercoms for access control using number plate recognition? With Inner Range and their Integriti security platform, we will show you the sequence of events of an unauthorised intruder gaining access to a building and the benefit of having an integrated door communication system. Finally, you will learn how 2N intercoms can call around the entire building and connect visitors’ calls to the right employee thanks to Cisco.

Presentation of the 2N® IP Style

We will be introducing you to our latest intercom in May. Would you like to know why we are introducing the device right now and how it fits into the scene? The 2N® IP Style links the very best of both 2N and Axis. The device uses an ARTPEC-7 chipset, and its camera is perfect and perfectly suited to integration with a VMS. Would you like to know which other features and functions you can use in your projects? Sign up!

When and where?

Whether you are in the USA, Belgium, Russia, or New Zealand, we have thought of you. We have prepared two dates.

  • For the US, LATAM and the EMEA region, we will be broadcasting on 20 May between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. CET/ 10 a.m. and 12 noon EDT.

  • For APAC, you can join us on 25 May between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. AEST.

You will be able to chat to our representatives live on both dates.

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