14.06.2021 Special Offers

2N Products in AXIS Site Designer

Do you use AXIS Site Designer? You can now add 2N intercoms, answering units and access control readers directly to your project.

Notebook, manIt’s a logical move. We use a shared distribution network on both American continents and since the acquisition in 2016, we’ve been constantly enhancing our collaboration. You’ll now find all our IP intercoms, answering units and access control readers in AXIS Site Designer.

Take advantage of this and make your work easier when designing complex projects where you choose cameras and an access control system. You can now manage everything using a single design tool. What’s more, you can also add accessories to go with products to ensure that your project is truly complete.

Do you have a project focused purely on 2N intercoms, answering units and access readers? Design it in our 2N Project Designer. We’re constantly improving this design tool and adding new products.

What is AXIS Site Designer?

If you haven’t heard of this design tool yet, read on. AXIS Site Designer helps you design a complete surveillance system. Place cameras around the building on the floorplan and effectively cover the entire space. Then choose from the range of suitable cameras and accessories. The tool now also includes intercoms, access control readers and answering units.

Are you preparing a project for cameras and an access control system?

Create it in AXIS Site Designer and save yourself a lot of work searching for order numbers.

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