28.05.2020 Solutions

7 Practical Tips to Avoid Cyberattacks in Residential Sector

Property managers are increasingly having to deal with the threat of cyberattacks. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is often not a priority topic, which is why we would like to give you a few tips on how to make life difficult for hackers.

IP technology has many benefits. These devices are easy to install and can be administered remotely or connected to third-party systems. IP-based systems are therefore ideal for access control and door communication. For now, mainly commercial buildings administrators make full use of these benefits, but they also understand that when device is connected to the internet, it may become a target for cyberattack. This is why this they secure the network, and tried and tested procedures are used to manage it.

IP intercoms, answering units and access control devices are being used more often now in residential installations. Property managers, however, are not accustomed to dealing with cybersecurity issues. As well as this, the risk of cyberattacks is ever growing as the number of IoT devices used in households increases. This means we also need to protect the residents of apartment buildings against hackers.

This may affect you, and you may be unsure where to start. Are you thinking about how to secure your local network? Do you know why it is important to always install the latest firmware? And do you want to administer the equipment remotely without placing the system at risk? To simplify things, we have compiled seven practical tips to avoid residential cyberattacks.

Leave nothing to chance! Read our tips and protect your customers.

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