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Are your customers’ parcels going missing?

90,000 packages go missing every day in New York.1 You should know that this no longer has to happen to your customers with our video intercoms.

The first article in our new column You should know is here. We want to let you know about interesting features in our products and solutions from time to time and give you some insight into them. We will show you what you get out of them and how your customers benefit.

But now to the article itself. Especially in the United States, messengers have a habit of leaving a parcel at the front door of a house. Parcels like this, of course, are not supervised in any way and some parcels do go missing.

Offer your customers protection for their parcels—parcels which they have paid for with their hard-earned money. Any video IP intercom from our portfolio can end package theft. All you have to do is switch on the motion detection function. If somebody appears at the door, the intercom can automatically do several things.

Taking a photo of the culprit is certainly a good idea. The intercom can save the photo on the FTP server or send it directly to the owner by e-mail. A photo like this provides excellent evidence but it does not stop the theft. A pre-recorded message will distract the thief. It will warn that the premises are monitored and that he should leave immediately.

There is an even more interesting solution. The intercom starts a video call with the owner’s mobile phone if any movement is detected. The owner can then react to what the thief is doing and frighten them into putting the parcel down and never showing up in the street again. All you need is set up the 2N® Mobile Video service.

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