19.10.2020 Products

Did You Know That We Also Sell Spare Parts?

Have you ever installed a 2N® IP Safety unit, dropped the screws and they fell down a drain? Or does the 2N® IP Verso still work after having been attacked by vandals at night but the plastic button is broken? Is there a strange crackling sound from the 2N® IP Vario intercom speaker after six years of operation?

Whichever situation is the case, don’t buy a whole new intercom. We also sell spare parts for our products separately. You won’t find most of them in the price list since our product price lists are no longer the shortest around.

That is why we have prepared a list of all our spare parts, and most importantly, you can find them all together with their order numbers. All you need to do is place an order with one of our distributors, state the order number, get your tools ready and wait for delivery!

Take a look at our document, find out which spare parts you can order, and save yourself a fortune!

Look through the list of spare parts