09.04.2020 Special Offers

Does Investor Require Implementation of BIM Methodology in Project?

This will no longer catch you unawares. We have prepared BIM objects of 2N products to save you and your architect a lot of time.

Many of you may have come across an investor who wants BIM methodology applied in the creation of a project and later facility management. If not, you can be sure that you soon will. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an information model of a building, sometimes known as a digital twin. This concerns the building’s digital design, which might include the building shell, water distribution mains, air-conditioning, wiring and network distribution mains, even the furniture and electrical fixtures and fittings in individual areas. Simply, whatever you can think of.

Digitisation of the design offers many benefits. You can share projects and exchange information online and let several professionals work on a single project at one time.

A door communication system and building access solution is always a part of any project. This is why we have prepared a library of BIM objects of our products for you. Simply download the appropriate object and add it to the building’s digital design. The library contains BIM objects for all our IP intercoms, answering units and access system readers.

Files are backwards compatible five years (Autodesk Revit version 2016) and are designed for use in Autodesk Revit and ArchiCAD software. 

Save time and download ready-prepared BIM objects for your project!

 Download from library