27.04.2020 Special Offers

Get Ready for a Change in Market Behaviour after the Pandemic

Every company in the world has been affected, in some way, by the current circumstances. Visit our new website to find out which features offered by our products will be useful in the future.

We already know now that we will have to change our personal and work habits in the future. You may not have dealt with a contactless access control system in a project yet, but you should be ready for it, because the number of requests of this type is sure to rise.

This is not just about contactless access control systems. We will show you how to use our products to help improve the current situation for people. You can apply certain scenarios immediately and realistically help your customers to limit physical contact. Others will be useful in the future. You will be ready when the market and customer requirements change.

See practical solutions on our new website for the situations you and your customers are facing. Do they need to get into buildings without entering a PIN on a keypad? A keypad, which has been touched by a lot of people before? Let them open the door using the 2N® Mobile Key application on their phone.

Do your customers want to clean their intercoms with warm water and disinfectants to kill bacteria and viruses? Get the toughest intercom on the market—the 2N® IP Force. Some customers may want an access system that doesn’t let people who have a fever into the building. We can do that too. All you need to do is connect a thermal camera to our intercom.

Check our new website for details about these and other useful scenarios.

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