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Get Ready to Enhance the Look of Your Office Projects with the 2N Access Unit M

True to our word in the February edition of 2N On Air, the 2N Access Unit M has arrived and your projects can now experience a revolution in access control.

Our new access unit has successfully passed a series of demanding tests and certification. All this to make sure we can once again launch a tried and tested product onto the market. With its great features, the unit is not only ideal for the office environment, it won’t be lost in a nice residential project.Access control, woman, door, mobile

Our top people at R&D helped develop the 2N Access Unit M, which is why it boasts such a fast response speed to card swipes thanks to its own RFID chip or when it communicates with a mobile phone. The unit is of course certified with IP55 and IK7 protection.

We have several versions to choose from.

2N® Access Unit M Bluetooth & RFID 

2N® Access Unit M Touch Keypad & RFID

2N® Access Unit M RFID Multifrequency

2N® Access Unit M RFID 13.56 MHz

The look of the unit is dominated by a tempered glass surface which cannot be scratched, even with everyday contact from access cards. The compact size allows easy and quick installation into a door frame. This means just one thing – more efficient installation, which saves installation companies a lot of time.

Our own 2N OS makes the 2N Access Unit M exceptionally smart. You don’t need to be an expert to integrate the unit with other systems, and specific user scenarios can easily be set up in the Automation section. The unit also guarantees security. Encrypted communication, support for the 802.1x protocol and protection against cyberattacks are standard features. The reader also includes a controller, just like those you are used to finding in our other readers. This solution not only saves space but especially time and money.

Are you already imagining all those projects where you could use the 2N Access Unit M?

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 *2N Access Unit M will be available from August.