19.06.2024 Software

Guest Access Added to My2N Management Platform

Enhance convenience and improve people flow by allowing residents to give visitors PIN code access in advance

intercom systemsAll residents want convenience, and what’s more convenient than not having to open the door to guests?

Guest access in the My2N Management Platform

  • Allows residents (those assigned as Apartment Admins) and property managers (Site/Company Admins) to invite guests in advance and assign them PIN code access within the My2N Management Platform
  • Available via the mobile-friendly web browser
  • Generate a PIN code, set its validity, and send the PIN to the guests’ email
  • Guest will have the same access permissions as the apartment user they are visiting

QR code access and integration with the My2N App – coming soon!

We plan to add support for QR code guest access soon – as well as allowing residents to assign both PIN and QR code guest access directly within the My2N App.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Discover the full power of the My2N Management Platform

 It offers many benefits for apartment intercom system management – including remote configuration, access rights setting, installation upkeep, and more

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