18.11.2019 Special Offers

Have You Heard About 2N Media Library? And Do You Know How to Use It?

Our Media Library is like an online supermarket with 2N marketing materials. You can browse through it and take what you need according to your requirements. But you don’t have to pay for anything!

Admit it, sometimes you get lost in a supermarket and don’t know where to find things. This is why we have organised our webinar “Get the most out of the 2N Media Library”. Here, we will explain the whole thing in just under half an hour. We will show you what the structure of the 2N Media Library looks like and where to find everything.

The webinar will be led by Marek from marketing, who is the person responsible for the 2N Media Library. Are you having problems with this great tool? Use this opportunity to tell Marek about it and we will try to rectify the situation.

Why should you use the 2N Media Library?

  • When you are presenting 2N products and solutions, leaflets and product catalogues come in handy. You have these at your disposal in preview and print versions. If you want to modify them, the source data is also there for you.
  • If you want to give a presentation to your customers, use ours in PowerPoint format.
  • Are you already dealing with a current project? You will need declarations of conformity, AutoCAD and AutoRevit drawings, wiring diagrams and product specifications for projects (A&E specifications).
  • If you are starting up your own online promotion of our products, you will appreciate the available homepage banners and PPC banners.
  • You also often ask about the 2N logo. It is available in so many formats that you won’t even open most of them on your computer anyway.

Useful. What do you think?

Send your request for access to the 2N Media Library and register for the short webinar. Kick-off is at 3:00 p.m. CET on 27 November.

Register for the webinar now!