20.07.2020 Compatibility

Here It Is! 2N IP Intercoms Can Put Calls Through to MS Teams

MS Teams experienced a boom during the lockdown. You’ve been asking us about integration with our IP intercoms a lot recently. And yes, it works!

We racked our brains for some time trying to work out how to enable our intercoms to put calls through to MS Teams. Why? Because MS Teams doesn’t support SIP at all and it’s impossible to call it directly. But we weren’t going to let that stop us from finding a solution. So, we got in touch with HelloDoor. HelloDoor offers a virtual reception service and, using this Microsoft certified solution, it can connect our IP intercoms to MS Teams!

So, what can you offer your customers? 

Offer them simplified and streamlined door communication! Thanks to our collaboration with HelloDoor, our IP intercoms will ring directly in their MS Teams client. This function works on both computers and phones. Audio calls from intercoms can also be put through to specific users, for example a receptionist, or all users on a specific floor. And what’s the best thing about it? If they leave the visitor waiting, they can play a tune to stop them getting bored. The door can then be opened remotely from MS Teams in a matter of seconds by entering the pre-set numerical code

How to get things up and running? 

We will supply you with the IP intercom of your choice. Then all you need is a licence for MS Teams and Phone System and to pay HelloDoor a monthly fee. 

We can help you with integration

Is our collaboration with HelloDoor of interest and would you like to find out more? 

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