05.11.2020 Solutions

How Many Intercoms Do You Install in New District for 30,000 People?

We know the exact answer. Our technology partner, DOVIT, has created a large project just like this in Luxembourg. See how they handled it!

Luxembourg is transforming into a modern capital. A massive boom in construction is responsible for this, such as the luxury new La Cloche d'Or district for more than 30,000 inhabitants. Construction is underway in the spirit of the smart city concept, which was also the specification given to our integrator, DOVIT, to equip all the apartment buildings with modern home automation systems. Convenient control of a smart home is important, but so is the complete safety of building residents. Our tried and tested access system precisely ensures that.

The 2N® IP Verso designer intercom with large touch display and NFC/RFID reader catches your eye at the entrance to each building. Residents can use a card or their smartphone to gain access to the building. They can also use this to monitor the area in front of the building, whenever they want and wherever they happen to be in the world. Taking a video call from a visitor or letting a delivery worker into the building remotely is no problem. Building staff does not need to do anything, yet they always know who is moving around on the premises. That is what we call a truly smart home

How many of those intercoms were installed? DOVIT installed 82 throughout the whole city district. Choosing a simple system configuration was crucially important. The network solution and intuitive user environment allow each intercom to be set up according to individual requirements in each building. At the same time, however, all the benefits of connectivity and central operation are preserved. We call that truly smart facility management

Read more about the solution which the integrator, DOVIT, used to bring the smart city concept to life in Luxembourg.

Your customers will appreciate a safe and smart home, too!

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