22.04.2020 Software

Managing Records in 2N® Access Commander Is Now Even Clearer

A user-friendly interface for managing records is not all that the new 2N® Access Commander 1.15 offers. Another useful new feature is automatically maintaining optimal system performance. The new version of the software is especially useful in helping administrators meet their obligations under the GDPR.

Managing records is now simpler and clearer

Imagine that you want to quickly find out which building residents opened the main door to the building between 4:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Until now, you could have done this by checking all the micro-records of the given intercom. The new user-friendly interface combines these micro-records into larger units. This means that as an administrator, you won’t lose yourself in all the records and can quickly find the information you need.

If you use groups and zones to set access rules, you will appreciate that we have added a list of all the rules which have been entered on these pages. This means you no longer need to open the pages for individual groups and zones in order to find out which rules apply to them. And if you notice that a specific rule is missing from the list? Again, you don’t need to search the details of the groups and zones, you can set the new rule directly in the list. This function eases administration if you want to add several groups to a zone. Or if you want to create several zones with rules set for a specific group.

You decide how long will you save records

We created a brand-new function for you. Each company has different rules for saving personal data. Administrators can now manage how long individual records will be saved. With this feature, you can easily comply with your obligations under the GDPR. The number of saved records, of course, also benefits your free disk space capacity. To make sure your system works how it should, the disk must not be overloaded with old and obsolete records. Thanks to the new mechanism, 2N® Access Commander monitors optimal disk space, and if the disk is near capacity, it notifies the administrator. If no records are deleted, the 2N® Access Commander will start deleting them itself, selecting those records which the administrator has marked as unimportant. We achieved optimal and stable system performance in this way.

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