18.06.2024 Products

More spare parts available for 2N IP intercoms

Fix our IP intercoms instead of replacing them entirely! It’s more sustainable and it’ll save you money – but which can you fix, and which spare parts are new additions to our list? 

sparepart listWear and tear are realities of any device used regularly in busy environments – even if they’re Built to Last like our intercoms. However, this doesn't mean you need to purchase an entirely new intercom: instead, save money and reduce waste by replacing what’s broken using the range of spare parts we have available!

New Additions to Our Spare Parts List

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our IP intercoms’ spare parts inventory to include new components for some of our most popular models. This includes new spare parts for the 2N IP Verso, 2N IP Verso 2.0, 2N IP Safety, and now the 2N IP Style as well.

Whether you need a replacement button, front panel, speaker, microphone or any other component, we have the parts you need to keep your 2N IP intercoms functioning optimally.

Improved List Layout

To make it even easier for you to find the parts you need, we have revamped our spare parts list to align with our new company layout.

This user-friendly design lets you quickly identify and select the parts you require. The enhanced layout is part of our ongoing effort to improve customer experience and support you in maintaining your 2N IP intercom systems efficiently.

Increased Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness

Our approach to offering spare parts is not only about saving you money but also reflects our commitment to sustainability.

By replacing individual components rather than entire intercom units, you are contributing to reducing electronic waste and promoting a more sustainable future. At 2N, we believe in providing solutions that are both economically and environmentally beneficial.

Do you need spare parts?

 Keeping your 2N IP intercoms in top condition has never been easier! Let’s work together to increase sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Updated spare part list