22.01.2021 Software

New Function in My2N Cloud Frees Up Administrators

We are happy that the number of active devices and users of the My2N cloud in your projects is on the rise. However, as a result, the volume of work for administrators is also increasing. They are often overwhelmed by such a hectic workload. Luckily, from now on, they can delegate many of their tasks.

Site Admin is arriving on the scene!

My2N And just at the right time for many administrators. From now, the Company Admin can appoint one or more Site Admins, i.e. administrators who are responsible for specific installation sites. One Site Admin can also administer several installation sites, it all depends what the Company Admin assigns to them.

What do Site Admins handle?

The Company Admin can transfer a lot of activities to the Site Admin. The Site Admin can increase consumption of the Credit Pool for a specific installation site, enter activation codes, permit increases in standing orders or issue credit card payments for 2N® Mobile Video services. They can also create users for an installation site and determine its admin. However, they cannot change data which relates to the entire company, for example invoicing details. Of course, they cannot delete the company (account). These rights are reserved for Company Admins alone.

What does the new Site Admin role bring you?

Above all, it will free up overloaded Company Admins. They will not have to handle the day-to-day administration of individual installation sites, such as creation of users or purchasing credit for 2N® Mobile Video. Administration of individual installation sites is therefore quicker since Site Admins will have a better idea of user requirements at specific installation sites.

Take advantage of the new Site Admin role and speed up day-to-day administration

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