28.04.2020 Compatibility

New Integration with EvTrack Will Help with Registering Visitors via SMS

This new integration lets you allocate required access to any visitor without physically meeting them. It is safe not only from a health point of view but also security.

Significant changes in building access are coming in relation to the current battle against the coronavirus pandemic. One solution needing only a mobile phone is offered by the recent integration of 2N products with EvTrack from the US. The solution is designed to offer organisations, state administration, companies and residential buildings a robust system for secure access management. Thanks to interesting innovations and a simple interface, EvTrack can easily manage visitors in any residential or office building.

All that is required is an e-mail or SMS

How does access management work? Very simply! Just send the visitor an e-mail or SMS with a one-off PIN or QR code. This then gives the person access to the building. Access management via a mobile network and the internet is much easier than handing out chips to visitors at reception and can be done wherever you happen to be.

A tried and tested system to satisfy high demands

EvTrack has proven itself well in real operations. One example is in the South African city of Cape Town at the Signature Mixed-Use Development Project, a luxury complex where EvTrack works reliably. The developer had high expectations of the solution and demanded a system that would guarantee building security and protect tenants but also allow simple access for visitors.

Visitors to the luxury complex do not need to use reception when entering the premises. Tenants can give them access by using the EvTrack application. Through this application, visitors receive a one-off PIN by SMS or e-mail. This is immediately uploaded to 2N readers together with other information to allow visitors simple access.

What are the advantages?

2N readers or other access control systems can be easily managed with a simple web interface or user-friendly application. Managing authorisations for individual tenants, issuing access permits or gaining detailed information from the system is simple.

We can easily control exactly where tenants can allow visitors to gain access—for example, a specific floor. Practical reports or useful statistics, such as the movements of specific visitors, can be easily generated. Simply put, the EvTrack solution gives administrators a truly excellent overview of everything happening on the premises.

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