06.04.2021 Special Offers

Our Products Now Call Free of Charge via My2N!

Obsolete cabling will no longer stop you. 2N products which call free of charge via the cloud will win you new projects.

My2NWe know that calling over the internet is the future. This is why we want all 2N products to be able to call between each other free of charge via the My2N cloud. This feature will already be available from 1 April 2021 and removes the only obstacle preventing you from wireless installation. Customers will only pay for calls to mobile phones. With us, you can now get started on absolutely any project, regardless of infrastructure.

This will expand the market for you enormously, because the number of available retrofit projects is four times more than new building projects. This modern solution works independently of the existing cabling. You do not have to connect the products to just one local network. All you need is an internet connection in the building, and you then simply connect the installed intercom and the answering units in flats to routers. Add the devices to the My2N platform and set up calls between them. We tested reliability every day over a long period and had absolutely no problem connecting an astounding 99.98% of calls.

New opportunities are also opening up for those of you who have until now installed mainly analogue devices. You can now easily move over to IP products, offer all your customers modern access using their mobile phones and remotely manage all devices from a single platform.

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