17.12.2019 Software

Save Valuable Extra Minutes. Bulk FW Update Has Arrived!

2N® Access Commander 1.14. Make sure you have updating all of your 2N devices under complete control. Select the devices you want and update them all at once at the click of a button.

The new version of software for bulk administration 2N® Access Commander is all you need. Your life as an administrator will become noticeably easier after installing the new version 1.14. You will now be able to update the firmware on all of your IP intercoms, access control readers and 2N® Indoor Compact and 2N® Indoor Talk answering units. You can do this in one of two ways. You can let 2N® Access Commander look for the latest FW online and load it onto selected devices. Or you can load the new FW onto a 2N® Access Commander manually. You, of course, are the only one who can apply the new firmware version.

You will definitely appreciate that updating of the devices is now completely under your control. You decide which intercoms, access control units and answering units to update in bulk. There are situations when the option to exclude certain devices from a firmware update is handy. This might typically concern specific units that are part of an advanced integration solution. In this case, you would want to control the changes a firmware update may cause.

Test mode is a useful function linked to this. Use this mode if you want to try new features before installing FW in bulk. Here, you only install the new firmware on selected devices in test mode. You can familiarize yourself with the changes, try new features, and only then update the FW on the remaining units in bulk. This means no surprises will be waiting for you.

Another interesting feature is the option to add up to 10,000 specific time profiles. This means each user can now have their own personal time profile. Of course, we have kept the current 20 global profiles because of the use of the Automation functions.

The improvements relating to attendance records might also be handy. You can choose which readers you don’t want included in the attendance system. This is useful when you have created a zone inside another zone. Let’s say that you have access control set for both entry to the building (outer zone) and entry to the server room (inner zone). If an employee enters and exits the server room, the system does not then incorrectly make a record in the attendance system stating that he has left the building.

Save time with the new 2N® Access Commander 1.14.

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