24.04.2020 Special Offers

#stayathome. You Can Configure Things Remotely, Too

Working from home? Security and convenience first and foremost! Get yourself settled in your chair, set the monitor to the right height and… launch 2N® Remote Configuration.

Did you know that you don’t have to go to a construction site with your laptop to configure 2N devices? Whether it’s one of our IP intercoms, an access unit or an answering unit, you don’t need to be connected to the local network and get your laptop clogged up with dust.

Our 2N® Remote Configuration service lets you connect via the My2N cloud platform from the comfort of your own sofa. Problems with an installed project? Take action in a flash without exposing yourself to the trials and tribulations of the outside world! 2N® Remote Configuration saves you time and travel expenses. The service is also completely free. Communication between devices is encrypted, so go ahead and get started. And do you have to set up any special authorisation on your computer at home? No, you don’t.

How to get started:

  1. Start at my2n.com, where you first create an account. Already have one? Excellent! Simply log in.

  2. In your account, add the device to the Project, i.e. the ‘Site’. All you need is the certificate that came in the box with the 2N device. The certificate has an important serial number and the My2N security code. Enter these details in the form when you add the device.

  3. Access to the web interface is now ready. Don’t forget that the device you want to configure must be online. Administering products remotely in an offline local network is not possible. But you already know that of course!

  4. So, let’s get down to the actual configuration! Select the specific unit, then click on the configure button and enjoy the peace and quiet of your home while working.

Unsure about anything regarding 2N® Remote Configuration?

Contact us in our chat window or call the technical hotline 800-444-2947, option 2. We will be happy to help you.