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The Very Best of 2020

Did you miss anything from the world of 2N last year? Look back over the products we launched, the tools to make your work easier and our online broadcast to remind you what happened in 2020.

Simply love at first sight

2N 2020The exquisite 2N® Indoor View answering unit will be an absolute smash hit in your next residential project. Residents will fall in love with the 7″ touchscreen display with lightning-fast response. And thanks to the separate stand, you don’t even need to drill into the wall.

All readers run on platform 2.0 

Our developers again came up trumps and all our readers now run on our very own platform 2.0. What does this change offer you? Simpler installation and RFID cards are scanned up to twice as quickly.

An end to the perpetual search for free meeting rooms

We introduced the 2N® Meeting Room application for the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 answering unit. Install the application in the answering unit to transform this device originally meant for the residential market into a panel for office use. Office employees can find out whether a meeting room is free with a single glance at the display. If a room is free, they can immediately reserve it directly on the panel.

3D tour of our products

We created the Virtual Experience application for you. The application takes you on a virtual tour of a residential or office building. Judging by the feedback we received, we know that we also inspired you to use our products in places that you weren’t initially thinking about at all. If you still don’t know the application, try it now! Inspiration guaranteed!

Everything for architects and project planners in one place

It all started with the residential catalogue. Then a wave of questions came in about product specifications, CAD drawings and BIM objects. We put our heads together and created a new page for architects and project planners. You will find all the materials there which you would otherwise have to create yourselves.

Simply and securely thanks to integration

There was a lot of news about integration last year, too. For example, we integrated our intercoms with the Axis camera station. The new plugin with the XProtect system by Milestone is absolutely ground-breaking. It has simplified the work of security operators significantly. And there is much, much more. Simply take a look at the 2N Integration HUB website!

2N On Air

We longed to get together with you, at least in the virtual world. The result was our very own broadcast called 2N On Air. And it certainly paid off. Past broadcasts have proved a huge success with our customers. This is why we are certain you will also enjoy the forthcoming broadcast on 25 February. You haven’t signed up yet? Then it’s time to put that right.

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