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Two New Options for Installing the 2N® IP Solo Intercom

The wedge backplate and glass mount mean that more projects can now use our stylish IP intercom.

Do you have a project perfect for the 2N® IP Solo? A modern family home, with calls made from a single button and home automation integration? But you need to rotate the camera to see the door. Or the building may have a large glazed entrance you cannot drill into. Before, this meant reworking the project. With our new accessories, it’s a piece of cake.

Wedge backplate

Why install the 2N® IP Solo at an angle? By doing so, you can easily adjust the field of view covered by the intercom’s camera. This backplate will come in handy, for example, when you want to install the intercom on a wall at right angles to the door. With the wedge backplate, the intercom camera can also capture images of the whole path or driveway.

Rotate the backplate to decide which way you want to tilt the intercom. You can only install the wall mounted version of the 2N® IP Solo intercom (01301-001/01302-001) on the backplate. The backplate is made of high-quality plastic and contains space for cabling. Installing the device with the backplate does not change its level of IP rating.

We have been offering you the same wedge backplate for some time now for the two-module version of the 2N® IP Verso intercom.

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Glass mount

A large glazed entrance and no nearby wall? That’s no longer a problem. With our new glass mount you can install the 2N® IP Solo on a glass surface. High-quality glue is a must. The glass mount can even withstand large fluctuations in temperature. This, of course, means that it is almost impossible to remove the glass mount, so make sure you check your measurements before installation.

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Be more flexible with your installations

Minimise current limitations when you install the 2N® IP Solo intercom by ordering our new accessories.

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