23.04.2020 Compatibility

Video Recording from Intercom, Even without Expensive NVR

For a long time, we have wanted to make it possible for end customers to record video from an intercom. We now have a solution: integration with the AngelCam application.

Angelcam has a great app which records footage from conventional cameras to the cloud. It can now also do this from cameras in our IP intercoms. Simply install the new firmware 2.29 and enable the Angelcam option in the web interface. You will be delighted by the benefits that can help you offer our IP intercoms.

What can you offer the customer?

A continuous overview of what is happening in front of their building: 
The Angelcam application lets users know about suspicious events. Movement in front of the intercom, elevated levels of noise or tampering with the intercom are checked. Customers receive information directly in the app, by e-mail or on Slack, etc. The application need not only notify customers but can also alert security services.

Communication with intruders:
It doesn’t end with notification. Customers and security agencies can communicate directly with intruders through the intercom. The device can play a pre-recorded message or the sound of a barking dog from the loudspeaker. It can even start live communication for direct response to the intruder’s actions. Lights in front of the building can also easily be switched on or the area can be filled with mist using a fog cannon.

Finding past recordings is very easy. Customers can easily provide evidence to the police or an insurance company. Intruders often conceal their faces from ceiling-mounted cameras by using a baseball cap. They don’t expect a camera in the intercom, so this is a great way to identify them.

Give your customers the benefits of video recording

By doing so, you raise a project’s value significantly for minimal cost. Discover more about integration or try out the service.

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