28.08.2020 Software

What does the new FW 2.30 for the 2N® Indoor Compact and 2N® Indoor Talk offer?

We have fine-tuned the UX and added a function for the 2N® Indoor Talk unit to help you to win projects for retirement homes. See for yourself!

2N® Indoor Compact

The 2N® Indoor Compact answering unit can open up to three different locks. In the past, we simply called them 1, 2 and 3. The only problem was that your customers sometimes got confused about this when opening the door. “Yes, number one is the main entrance door, I know that. But what about two? Is that the back door or the garage door?” Situations like this are a thing of the past. Residents can now name the lock buttons whatever they want. This means they will no longer accidentally open the back door for a visitor who has arrived by car.

Another function simplifies communication with visitors. Users can now start a call with a visitor with a single press of the green call button or open the door right away by pressing the unlock button. This means no more time spent searching through the telephone directory! So how do you go about this? All you have to do is set the intercom at the entrance door, which is usually the most frequently used, as the main destination to be called by the intercom.

Choose from seven languages on the answering unit’s display. Want more? We have created a new option in product administration for you to overwrite texts for your customers. This means that the 2N® Indoor Compact unit’s menu can be displayed in any language. After installing the new firmware 2.30, you can also cancel automated saving of visitor photos in the call list. This was a problem in some countries because it conflicted with certain personal data processing laws.

2N® Indoor Talk

We have added a great audio function to the 2N® Indoor Talk answering unit. This will come in handy for you in projects for retirement or nursing homes. The function lets you switch off the functions and backlighting in the bottom row of buttons. The user can then only make calls or open the door remotely. There is no danger of them turning down the call volume or muting the ringtone.

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